Open source alternative to Slack for Team Chat

Simple yet powerful open source slack alternative chat platform for teams and organisational communication. Keep your conversations in your control, free from data mining and ads. Safe from prying eyes and secured with encryption.

Fugu chat is the simplest UX yet powerful open source collaboration platform.

It is written in node.js with MSQL database support.

This open source platform is maintained by Jungleworks tech team and a vibrant open source community. Using an open source platform allows your development teams to build any additional workflow or integration as per your needs while maintaining complete control over source code and data.

Self hosted or high-trust SaaS Retain total control over data No third party monitoring Full access to source code, server APIs and libraries

Fugu is designed in a way to allow companies to securely communicate, share information and work together without any hassle.

  • Flexible deployment model Self-hosted or SaaS. For companies who don't want to use cloud-based software, this means they can install the product on their own servers and host it themselves.
  • Enterprise-grade security Enterprise-grade security and privacy for full control of data allows customers to choose the hosting option that best fits their business needs.

What is Fugu?

The best business chat software that empowers real-time collaboration

Fugu - Team Communication
  • Bring Your Team Together Super Easy Team Messaging App for 1-1 or group discussions around your projects or shared interests.
  • Attendance & Leave Bot Advanced Facial Recognition with geofence marking, get your attendance and leave management system automated.
  • Unlimited Message History Travel down the memory lane and get unlimited message history free forever.
  • Screen Sharing & Video/Voice calling Conduct virtual meetings with your team with the advance feature of Screen Sharing and Audio/Video Calling.

Not Just This! Our Team Chat
Software has more to offer

  • Jungleworks Smart Notifications Now you can choose notifications you want to see. Getting disturbed ? Mute them whenever required.
  • Jungleworks File Sharing Never lose a file attachment again. Improve productivity by discussing and sharing ideas, projects and files.
  • Jungleworks Emoticons/GIFs Aside from being personalized, Fugu is interactive. Items can be 'liked' or emote a project. Liking content shows the opinions of coworkers.
  • Jungleworks Secure Conversations A safe workspace with username restriction and admin transparency. Regular security testing to identify and resolve vulnerabilities.
  • Jungleworks Endless Customization Personalize your platform to tailor its exact look & feel by selecting your own integrations, plugins & themes.
  • Jungleworks Conversation Management Make decisions in open channels across your teams, in private group for sensitive matters and indirect messages for personal communication.

Your team will love Fugu